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Tracking Maintenance
Just Got EasierEasier.

Spreadsheets are a pain. BlueTally simplifies tracking maintenance with convenient asset tracking software.

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Better track your assets
and save more time

Find Assets

Locate your assets swiftly and determine which locations have the most.

Monitor Possessions

Identify which person has the asset you searched for and who had it last.

Track Maintenance

Check their maintenance history and see which ones need to be catered to.
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Our last system was complex, outdated and tedious to host. This cloud based app is just what we were looking for.

IT Administrator in Education

- Joshua B.

Since switching from tracking our assets in a spreadsheet to BlueTally, we're saving around 7 hours a week

Office Manager in Healthcare

- Elizabeth S.

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Track all your maintenance in one place

BlueTally is a maintenance tracking app that gives you the tools to make maintenance easier. For instance, if your company assigns phones to employees, BlueTally helps you with asset maintenance and tracking to prevent theft and damage.

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Assets - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets

Searching through old spreadsheets and bothering colleagues to find the info you're looking for is a hassle. Using BlueTally, you can record an asset's entire history including history of maintenance, warranty information, and audits.

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Stay informed of any changes

Watch our dashboard as colleagues check assets in and out. Invite each member of your organization to participate. View photos to compare the condition between check-ins and examine changelogs to see alterations.

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Try it for yourself

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Main Features


Since we host BlueTally on Amazon AWS, you get the elevated standard of security that Amazon provides. We encrypt all your traffic with a 256-bit SSL, and you can enforce MFA on your whole team.

Assignable Assets

Checkout your assets to employees or locations. Include a score to document their condition so that you can perform asset maintenance later. You can also enable email notifications for checkout and checkin.


Drill down on the history of all your users' activity and see the changes they've made to an asset. Our detailed changelogs will allow you to view when people checked out and who checked out to whom.

Asset Barcode

Each asset you log with BlueTally gets a unique QR code that we match with a unique asset ID. This makes it easy to print and create tags for your assets, you can even write your own notes here too.

Tracking Maintenance

BlueTally enables you to monitor the history of maintenance for an asset. Schedule and log audits for your assets ahead of time. You can also enable notifications so you never miss assets maintenance again.

Custom Permission Levels

You can create almost any type of restriction you like with customized permissions. Filter based on the permission level you give an asset. Only let the right users view and edit specific asset fields.

Custom Fields

Enter custom fields for each asset, license, accessory, component, or consumable that you use. You can select from required or optional inputs such as text, numerical, dropdown, checkbox, or date.

Custom Reports

Tracking maintenance requires you to build your own asset reports. Use BlueTally to create custom asset reports that allow you to filter for which assets to include and add custom fields.

Low Stock Notifications

Choose between BlueTally or email notifications whenever the number of available licenses, consumables, components, or accessories dips below the minimum quantity you set previously.


Using the straight-line method, BlueTally will automatically calculate the depreciation of all your assets and licenses. You also receive a Depreciation Report from us with a full financial overview.


You can integrate BlueTally with apps like Intune, Jamf, Azure Active Directory, Okta, SCIM 2.0 support, and several APIs. Moreover, we’re always working hard on new integrations to help our users.

One-Click Import

Import your data from other platforms and spreadsheets with a single click. Eliminate the need for Excel files by saving everything in BlueTally.

Plans & Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing. No setup fees or contracts.
Try without a credit card, cancel anytime.

Annual → 2 months free 🎉


$ 99 /mo
  • Assets ♾️
  • Users ♾️
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • API & Integrations
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom Permissions



$ 69 /mo
  • Assets ♾️
  • Users ♾️
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • API & Integrations
  • Single Sign-On -
  • Custom Permissions -


$ 29 /mo
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  • Users ♾️
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • API & Integrations -
  • Single Sign-On -
  • Custom Permissions -


$ 0 /mo
  • Assets 50
  • Users ♾️
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  • Custom Permissions -

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tracking maintenance software?

Tracking maintenance software helps you manage the condition of your assets as well as predict and schedule maintenance. You can do this by viewing various assets logged into the software and seeing whether they need maintenance, who is using them, and where they’re located.

Use tracking maintenance software to report any issues with your assets, schedule required maintenance for each asset should the need arise, and monitor their maintenance history.

The data should tell you who performed the maintenance, the condition of the asset, and any adjustments made. Each asset should have its own unique tag to make it searchable.

Why use BlueTally for assets maintenance?

BlueTally is a great choice of tracking maintenance app because it pairs detailed tracking features with ample possibility for customization. This provides a great alternative to using spreadsheets, which can be prone to manual error and become harder to use over time as your asset maintenance process grows.

You can start by giving each of your assets unique barcodes and QR codes that allow for more efficient registration and easier tracking. Plus, you can make check-ins more efficient by bundling different assets together, this is especially helpful for beginner employees.

To track all the check-ins and checkouts, we offer a convenient analytics dashboard that lets you track past events and view upcoming events over the next 14 days. You can also view activity logs and get notifications when stock is low.

Why is tracking maintenance important?

Tracking maintenance is essential for any business that wants to perform at the highest level with the best equipment. If you continually maintain your assets on time, you’ll have them optimized for usage rather than wearing them down.

Tracking assets also lets you spot problems as they happen. Knowing where your assets are located and who has had access to them will help you plan for efficient usage in the future.

How can you use your tracking maintenance software?

Here are some following uses for your tracking maintenance software:

- Identify when a particular asset needs repairs.
- Point out recurring problems that wear down specific assets.
- Track how your team is using your assets.
- Log asset condition based on qualitative scores and photographs.
- See asset availability to schedule regular maintenance ahead of time.

How do you use BlueTally for tracking maintenance?

When you’re tracking asset maintenance, you need to know where your assets are, who has them, and what condition they are in.

You can search for assets in seconds using a name or barcode and then look through the maintenance history to find issues. You can also get notifications about issues with your assets’ usage to deal with major problems proactively.

Do you have an enterprise plan?

Yes, we offer a dedicated server and database, custom integrations, a dedicated account manager and more. Please get in touch with us here.

Is it possible to schedule a guided demo?

We have a live demo on our website that you can check out yourself at your own pace. You can also create a free account with no credit card required to test out the app and all the integrations yourself.

Am I locked in once I sign up?

No, BlueTally is completely no strings attached - you are able to cancel your plan anytime, and there are no minimum time requirements or contracts.

Where are your servers located?

BlueTally is hosted on Amazon AWS servers, which are located in Frankfurt, Germany. This means that your data is within the EU and fully GDPR compliant.

Are there any setup costs?

No, there are no setup costs or hidden fees on any of our plans. You simply add a credit card to start your subscription and pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

Are there any additional costs?

No, there are no additional costs or hidden fees on top of our pricing plans - no matter how much you use BlueTally.

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