Simple and Free Asset Management Software for Non-Profit Organizations

Ditch your spreadsheets and clunky, outdated asset management tools—simplify non-profit asset management with BlueTally. 

"BlueTally is super simple to use, yet boasts powerful integrations. It's user-friendly, with clear setup guides and rapid feature updates"
Lance H.
IT Director in a Non-Profit
1001-5000 employees
"BlueTally excels with its seamless Intune, Azure AD, and Jamf integrations. User-friendly and competitively priced, it stands out for businesses."
Yohan D.
IT Manager in Legal Services
51 to 200 employees
"Fantastic tool with excellent support. The team is responsive and helpful. Intuitive and affordable, with ongoing improvements making it even better."
Tony C.
Systems Administrator in IT
501 to 1000 employees
“It’s great. I have a good tracking of all the assets I have, who has what and all the info I can imaging needing connected to all the assets.”
Mikael T.
IT Manager in Biotechnology
11 to 50 employees

Checkout and Assign Assets

Check out assets to employees or locations and quickly review checkout requests. Attach photos and notes to monitor asset condition, set expected return dates, and get notified when assets are overdue.

Access Complete Asset Histories

Never wonder where assets are, who has had them, and what changes they’ve made. Access complete asset histories to stay on top of all movements and assignments, complete with notes, photos, and more.

Add Custom Fields & Statuses

Build asset management workflows that are as unique as your organization. Add custom text, number, checkbox, and dropdown fields and statuses to any asset or category. Mark custom fields as required to make sure important info is captured during audits and maintenance.

Manage Maintenance and Audits

Stay on top of asset audits and routine maintenance. Schedule audits and maintenance tasks, assign them to team members, and track completion status. Set reminders for upcoming tasks and receive notifications when they're due.

Experience it yourself.

Explore our live demo site to discover BlueTally’s incredible potential. Dive in and explore the impressive array of features and capabilities today!

Generate Depreciation Reports

Simplify non-profit tax filing and financial compliance reporting with always up-to-date straight-line depreciation reports. View detailed reports for individual assets, or generate high-level reports for an overview of your entire inventory.

View Centralized Dashboards

Access all the data you need to make smarter decisions about purchases, maintenance, and asset management. View real-time activity logs, see scheduled returns and audits, and analyze asset value and depreciation data.

Print Scannable Barcodes

Generate an asset barcode for every asset in your inventory. Print and attach to physical assets for easy identification during audits and maintenance checks. Add custom text to barcode tags for even more specific identification.

Create Custom Permission Levels

Configure permission levels to protect your asset data from unauthorized access and comply with security policies. Create custom roles and assign them to specific users to dictate what settings and features they can access.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate BlueTally with your non-profit’s tech stack to boost productivity. You can automatically import employee data from Okta, integrate with 1Password for secure password management, set up Slack or Team notifications, and more. Learn more about BlueTally’s integrations here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you SOC 2 Certified?
Yes, BlueTally is SOC 2 Type II certified! To learn more about our security initiatives and how we protect your data, visit our Vanta Trust Center.
Are there discounts for non-profits?
Yes! We’re proud to offer all non-profits a 20% discount on any paid plan. To apply, just click here to open our application form, submit your documentation, and we’ll get back to you shortly.
Where are your servers located?
BlueTally is hosted on Amazon AWS servers located in Frankfurt, Germany. That means all your data is under the jurisdiction of the European Union and GDPR.
Can I schedule a guided demo?
We actually take a self-service approach to demos—you can access our live demo at any time and explore at your own pace. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial for any paid plan (no credit card required) and test out all of BlueTally’s features and integrations.

Feel free to reach out via email or live chat if you have any questions.
Are there any setup or usage fees?
Nope! The prices stated on our pricing page are what you’ll pay each month or year.  We don’t charge fees of any kind, so you can use BlueTally without any surprises or hidden costs.
Am I locked in once I sign up?
No, you can cancel your BlueTally subscription or transfer to a different plan at any time—no contracts, no commitments.