IT Asset Management Software Made Simple for IT Departments

Forget about spreadsheets and clunky systems with BlueTally. Get in control and spend less time managing assets in your IT department.

"BlueTally is super simple to use, yet boasts powerful integrations. It's user-friendly, with clear setup guides and rapid feature updates"
Lance H.
IT Director in a Non-Profit
1001-5000 employees
"BlueTally excels with its seamless Intune, Azure AD, and Jamf integrations. User-friendly and competitively priced, it stands out for businesses."
Yohan D.
IT Manager in Legal Services
51 to 200 employees
"Fantastic tool with excellent support. The team is responsive and helpful. Intuitive and affordable, with ongoing improvements making it even better."
Tony C.
Systems Administrator in IT
501 to 1000 employees
“It’s great. I have a good tracking of all the assets I have, who has what and all the info I can imaging needing connected to all the assets.”
Mikael T.
IT Manager in Biotechnology
11 to 50 employees

Assign Assets and Check In/Out

Checking out an asset allows you to assign it to a location or individual employee. You can add details such as the condition of the asset upon checkout, as well as a photo. You can also add the check-in date and be notified when it should be returned.

Changelog and Checkout History

You can view and track the complete history of an asset throughout its lifecycle - including the condition of the asset between each checkout. You can also see a detailed changelog indicating which user tweaked which details.

Asset Audits and Maintenance

You can use BlueTally to keep track of any upcoming audits of your assets, as well as schedule audits of your assets. You will also receive notifications when audits are overdue. You can also track maintenance of your assets.

Custom Status Labels and Fields

All asset products and categories can be customized with custom fields - select from text, number, checkboxes, dropdowns and more. The custom fields can be required inputs, too. Organize your assets with custom status labels, so they are labeled just how you like them.

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Manage Depreciation

BlueTally calculates your assets and licenses' depreciation automatically based on straight-line depreciation. You can view the depreciation on each asset overview, or create a Depreciation Report to get a full financial overview of all your assets.


Customize your own kits to check out assets you frequently together. For example, a starter kit for new employees. Choose the products you'd like to check out and how many you want.

Asset Barcodes

Your assets will all have a unique barcode based on the Asset ID you choose. You can print out this barcode and have it affixed to the asset so that it can be easily scanned and identified. This label can also be customized.

Custom Advanced Permission Levels

Easily create your own, customizable permission levels with advanced filtering and the ability to restrict virtually anything - such as editing or viewing certain fields, checkin/out, exporting data, access to reports and much more.

Powerful Integrations

BlueTally seamlessly integrates with Azure Active Directory, Intune, Jamf, Teams, Okta, Slack, OneLogin and more. You can also integrate BlueTally into your existing workflows using our flexible API. Read more about our integrations here.