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BlueTally is an easy to use platform to keep track of your assets, so you'll always know where things are, who's using them, and how many that are left.

Assign & Checkout / Checkin Assets - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Assign Assets & Checkin/Checkout

You can assign assets to a location or an employee by checking it out. Add details such as the condition of the asset upon checkout, as well as a photo of it. You can also add the expected checkin date and be notified when the item should be returned.

Asset Checkout Log & Detailed Asset Changelog - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Checkout History & Detailed Changelog

See the complete history of an asset, and keep track of it's condition through the asset lifetime - by seeing the condition of the item between each checkout. There is also a detailed changelog showing which user changed what details of the asset.

Asset Barcodes - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Asset Barcodes

Every asset gets a unique barcode based on the Asset ID you selected. This barcode can be printed out and put on the asset, so you can easily scan and identify it. You can also set your own ID, and customize the text on the barcode label.

Asset Audits & Asset Maintenances - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Asset Audit & Maintenances

BlueTally lets you keep track of any upcoming audits of your assets, as well as the ability to schedule asset audits. Receive notifications when audits are overdue. You can also keep track of asset maintenances in the same way.

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Asset Depreciation - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Asset Depreciation

BlueTally automatically calculates the depreciation of your assets and licenses based on straight-line depreciation. You can see the depreciation on each assets overview, or use the Depreciation Report to get a full financial overview of all your assets.

Kits - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software


Create your own kits of assets you frequently checkout together, such as a starter pack for new employees. Customize which products go in the kit, as well as how many of the product you would like to checkout.

Custom Fields - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Custom Fields & Status Labels

You can add custom fields for all asset products and categories - select from text, number, checkboxes, dropdowns and more. You can even set the custom fields to be required inputs. Create custom status labels, to organize your assets just how you like them.

Permission Levels - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Custom Advanced Permission Levels

Easily create your own, customizable permission levels with advanced filtering and the ability to restrict virtually anything - such as editing or viewing certain fields, checkin/out, exporting data, access to reports and much more.

Dashboard - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software


Get all the important numbers about your assets in one place with our Dashboard. Easily see any upcoming events in the next 14 days, the current value of your assets, how many assets are checked out and the asset utilization - as well as detailed activity logs.

Powerful Integration - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Powerful Integrations

BlueTally seamlessly integrates with Azure Active Directory, Intune, Jamf, Teams, Okta, Slack, OneLogin and more. You can also integrate BlueTally into your existing workflows using our flexible API. Read more about our integrations here.

More Features


BlueTally is hosted on Amazon AWS, backed by Amazon's security features. Your traffic is encrypted by 256-bit SSL, and multi-factor authentication is available and can be forced for your entire team.


Add your software licenses to BlueTally, and manage everything in one place. You can enter how many seats you have available for the license, and check it out to assets or employees.


Keep track of all your accessories, check them out to employees and keep a trail of how many accessories have been given to an employee, as well as how many are left. Receive notifications when running low.


Get an overview of how many consumable items you have left, such as Printer Ink - and check them out to employees easily. Get notified when you are running low based on a minimum quantity.


Add hardware components to BlueTally, such as RAM or SSDs, and easily check them out to assets - that way you always know which asset a component is sitting in. Get notified when you're running low.


Upload as many attachments as you want to assets, accessories, components, consumables or licenses. Have all relevant and important documents in one place, such as user manuals.

Role-based access

Invite other users into your BlueTally account and decide which level of access they should have. Get a full overview as administrator of all actions users have performed on the platform.


Add all your company or organisations physical locations to BlueTally and keep track of which assets currently are at a specific location. Add as many locations as you would like.


Add all employees or team members that you would like to be able to checkout assets to. That way, you can easily see which employee currently has an asset, and how many assets the employee has.

Low Stock Notifications

Receive notifications in BlueTally or via email whenever the available amount of licenses, consumables, components or accessories goes below the predefined minimum quantity.

Mobile Friendly

Take BlueTally with you anywhere you go, and have the ability to keep track of your assets and make changes and updates from anywhere you are, as our platform is fully responsive and works on all devices.

One-Click Import

Import data from any other platform or from your spreadsheets by using our Import feature, which gives you Excel files that you can simply copy/paste your data into and import into BlueTally with one click.

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