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Get ControlControl Of Your Assets.

Forget about spreadsheets and clunky systems with BlueTally.
Simple and Free Asset Management Software.

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Get in control and spend less
time managing assets

«Where is this?»

Get an overview of where your assets are, and how many assets are at a location.

«Who has this?»

Find which employee that has the asset you're looking for, and who had it beforehand.

«How many are left?»

Easily see how many assets are ready for checkout, out for repair or currently in use.
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Products - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

You can keep track of anything you want

BlueTally is a free and simple asset management software, designed with configurability in mind, so whether you're a school wanting to track laptops or another organization managing assets - BlueTally helps protect your assets from theft and damage.

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Assets - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

All the info you need in one place

With BlueTally, you won't have to search through old spreadsheets or reach out to people who you think may have seen something last. You get the full history of an asset, warranty information, maintenance records, and audits at your fingertips.

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Dashboard - BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

Keep an eye on what's happening

You can view the entire checkout history of an asset, along with the condition and photo for both checkout and checkin. Invite as many team members as you want and see a detailed changelog showing who made changes and who checked out/in assets.

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Main Features


BlueTally is hosted on Amazon AWS, backed by Amazon's security features. Your traffic is encrypted by 256-bit SSL, and multi-factor authentication is available and can be forced for your entire team.

Assignable Assets

Checkout assets to employees or locations, with a score and a photo to document the condition. You can also enable email confirmations to be sent to employees upon checkout or checkin.


See a detailed trail of all changes that have been done to an asset, and which team member performed the changes. You can also see a detailed log of checkouts, and who checked out which asset to an employee.

Asset Barcode

Every asset gets a unique QR code that can be printed through BlueTally with the unique Asset ID, so that you can identify the assets. You can also set your own ID, and customize a message to be written on the tags.

Maintenances & Audits

BlueTally lets you keep a maintenance log for each asset, as well as the ability to schedule and log audits for assets as well. You can also enable notifications so you never miss an asset audit again.

Custom Permission Levels

Easily create your own, customizable permission levels with advanced filtering and the ability to restrict virtually anything - such as editing or viewing certain fields, checkin/out, access to reports and more.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields for assets, licenses, accessories, components or consumables. You can customize the input to be text, numerical, a dropdown, a checkbox or a date, and even set it to be required.

Custom Reports

Build your own, customized asset reports where you can select which columns to include, and filter on what type of assets your would like to include. It even includes the custom fields!

Low Stock Notifications

Receive notifications in BlueTally or via email whenever the available amount of licenses, consumables, components or accessories goes below the predefined minimum quantity.


BlueTally automatically calculates the depreciation of your assets and licenses based on straight-line depreciation. Use the Depreciation Report to get a full financial overview of your assets.


BlueTally has useful integrations, such as with Intune, Azure Active Directory, Okta, SCIM 2.0 support, an API and more. We're always working on new integrations that will will add value to our end users!

One-Click Import

Import data from any other platform or from your spreadsheets by using our Import feature, which gives you Excel files that you can simply copy/paste your data into and import into BlueTally with one click.

Plans & Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing. No setup fees or contracts.
Try without a credit card, cancel anytime.

Annual → 2 months free 🎉


$ 99 /mo
  • Assets ♾️
  • Users ♾️
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • API & Integrations
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom Permissions



$ 69 /mo
  • Assets ♾️
  • Users ♾️
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • API & Integrations
  • Single Sign-On -
  • Custom Permissions -


$ 29 /mo
  • Assets ♾️
  • Users ♾️
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support -
  • API & Integrations -
  • Single Sign-On -
  • Custom Permissions -


$ 0 /mo
  • Assets 50
  • Users ♾️
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support -
  • API & Integrations -
  • Single Sign-On -
  • Custom Permissions -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an enterprise plan?

Yes, we offer a dedicated server and database, custom integrations, a dedicated account manager and more. Please get in touch with us here.

Is it possible to schedule a guided demo?

We have a live demo on our website that you can check out yourself at your own pace. You can also create a free account with no credit card required to test out the app and all the integrations yourself.

Am I locked in once I sign up?

No, BlueTally is completely no strings attached - you are able to cancel your plan anytime, and there are no minimum time requirements or contracts.

Where are your servers located?

BlueTally is hosted on Amazon AWS servers, which are located in Frankfurt, Germany. This means that your data is within the EU and fully GDPR compliant.

Are there any setup costs?

No, there are no setup costs or hidden fees on any of our plans. You simply add a credit card to start your subscription and pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

Are there any additional costs?

No, there are no additional costs or hidden fees on top of our pricing plans - no matter how much you use BlueTally.

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