Here Are Our 7 Best Free Asset Tracking Software Picks You Need to Try

Helpful Summary

Overview: This article highlights the best free asset tracking software tools. It provides an in-depth guide to seven tools, including BlueTally, that enhance asset management while minimizing costs.

Why You Can Trust Us: At BlueTally, we provide a scalable solution that’s proven to streamline IT asset management. Our clients appreciate our robust integrations, intuitive UI, and SOC 2 Type II compliance for secure tracking.

Why It Matters: Using free asset tracking software helps businesses save on software costs, improve data accuracy, and reduce the risks associated with poor asset management practices.

Action Points: We recommend choosing a solution based on functionality, usability, security, and integration capabilities. BlueTally is a top choice as it offers real-time asset tracking, cloud security, and a user-friendly interface to facilitate seamless tracking.

Further Research: For a more in-depth understanding of free asset tracking solutions, we suggest exploring verified case studies and testimonials from companies that have successfully implemented these tools in their operations. You can also explore the BlueTally blog to find more resources to help your organization manage its assets better.

Managing assets efficiently is a challenge many businesses face today. From tracking equipment across multiple locations to ensuring every item is accounted for, the complexities can lead to significant time and financial losses. 

However, there's good news for companies looking to optimize their assets without straining their budget. 

In this BlueTally article, we’ll explore the top 7 free asset tracking software solutions that can streamline your asset management processes. Be prepared to discover how each goes above the standard to enhance your asset management while reducing your overhead costs. 

Ready to transform your asset management? Let's dive into the best free solutions available.

Why Listen To Us?

At BlueTally, our deep understanding of asset management technology shapes the tools we develop. Our team consists of industry experts whose insights keep our software efficient and user-friendly, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of businesses, from startups to large enterprises.

Trust in our platform comes from proven results–enhanced tracking accuracy, cost savings, and improved asset utilization. 

As a leader in the asset tracking domain, BlueTally doesn't just create software. We provide transformative solutions that optimize how organizations manage their resources.

What is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking software is vital for any business that needs to manage and monitor its assets effectively. This software allows organizations to keep track of equipment, inventory, and other valuable assets through various stages of their lifecycle—from acquisition to disposal

For small businesses or startups operating on tight budgets, free asset tracking software tools provide a crucial capability without the overhead of expensive licenses or subscriptions. 

Free software can offer essential features like barcode scanning, real-time data updates, and basic asset reporting, which are enough for many businesses to manage their assets efficiently.

Benefits of Free Asset Tracking Software 

Free asset tracking software is a strategic asset for businesses. Here’s how these tools can be particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises:

- Operational efficiency: Streamlines asset management processes, reducing time spent on asset tracking and increasing overall productivity.

- Theft and loss reduction: Helps deter theft and mitigate losses by tracking asset locations and statuses accurately.

- Cost efficiency: Eliminates the need for large upfront investments in software, allowing smaller businesses to allocate funds to other areas like marketing and customer service. 

- Reduced risk: With no financial commitment, businesses can test different software options without the risk of sunk costs if the tool doesn’t meet their needs.

- Immediate access: Quick setup and no cost mean businesses can implement these tools almost immediately, leading to faster improvement in asset management processes.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing Free Asset Tracking Software

Selecting the right free asset tracking software requires careful consideration of several key factors to ensure it meets your business needs effectively. Here are five crucial criteria to consider:

Functionality and features: Evaluate whether the software offers the essential functions you need, such as asset tagging, location tracking, and maintenance scheduling. Even if it's a free version, it's important that the tool can handle your specific requirements.

User interface and usability: The software should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. A steep learning curve can reduce the overall efficiency of asset tracking. For instance, BlueTally is known for its straightforward interface that facilitates quick adoption and efficient use.

Integration capabilities: Check if the software can integrate seamlessly with other systems you already use, such as ERP systems or accounting software. Integration can significantly streamline your operations and data management.

Software support and updates: Good support from the software provider is crucial. Look for a tool that offers regular updates and reliable customer support to help resolve any issues that may arise.

Security features: Ensure the software has robust security measures to protect your data. BlueTally, for example, offers comprehensive security through SOC 2 Type II certification and strong encryption standards (256-bit SSL for transmission and AES-256 for data at rest).

7 Best Free Asset Tracking Software Tools

Asset tracking software tools provide critical functionalities that streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and improve overall asset lifecycle management

Let’s take a look at some of the top solutions that can significantly affect how you track and manage your assets.

  1. BlueTally: Best asset tracking software overall.
  2. AssetTiger: Best for small businesses.
  3. Snipe-IT: Best open-source tool for IT asset tracking.
  4. GLPI: Best tool for multi-language support.
  5. Reftab: Best for asset reservations.
  6. Sortly: Best for photo documentation.
  7. AssetFrog: Best for depreciation tracking. 

1. BlueTally

At BlueTally, we understand the importance of efficient asset management for growing businesses. 

Our software is designed to offer a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of small to medium enterprises without the complexity or cost of traditional asset management systems. 

With BlueTally, you gain access to a powerful yet user-friendly platform that makes asset tracking accessible and hassle-free.

Key Features

- Assign Assets & Checkin/Checkout: BlueTally lets you assign assets to locations or employees with detailed records, including asset condition, photos, and expected check-in dates.

- Asset Audit & Maintenances: Our tool manages asset audits, scheduling, and notifications for overdue checks and also tracks maintenance schedules for all assets.

- Asset Depreciation: BlueTally automatically calculates asset and license depreciation using straight-line methods and provides you with a detailed depreciation report.

- Kits: Effortlessly create kits of commonly used assets, such as new employee starter packs, with customizable contents and quantities for checkout.

- Asset Barcodes: Easily manage and track asset barcodes to maintain accurate inventory records and streamline asset management processes.

- Powerful Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular services like Microsoft InTune, Azure Active Directory, and Okta, enhancing the fluidity of asset management across various platforms.

- Real-Time Asset Tracking: Track your assets in real-time, ensuring up-to-date information is always available.

- Security: With SOC 2 Type II compliance and robust encryption measures, your asset data remains secure against unauthorized access.

- Mobile Device Compatibility: Our mobile-friendly tool allows you to manage and track your assets on any device, providing flexibility and convenience.


  • Easy setup and configuration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Competitive pricing
  • Integrations with popular tools
  • Responsive customer support
  • Ideal for IT asset management


  • 50 asset limit

2. AssetTiger

AssetTiger is a versatile and highly acclaimed free asset tracking tool that has carved a niche among small and large businesses. 

This cloud-based solution offers a comprehensive suite of features to simplify asset management across various industries.

Key Features

- Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management: Manage every aspect of your assets from acquisition to disposal.

- Maintenance Scheduling: Automate and schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure asset longevity.

- Customizable Reports: Generate detailed reports tailored to your specific needs for better decision-making.

- Mobile Accessibility: Access and update asset information on the go with a fully functional mobile app.

- Barcode Scanning: Use your device’s camera to scan asset barcodes quickly, streamlining the inventory process.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable fields and alerts
  • Barcode scanning and mobile functionality
  • Unlimited users and custom reports


  • Cumbersome check-out/in-process
  • Limited advanced reporting features

3. Snipe-IT

Snipe-IT is a popular open-source asset tracking software designed to offer businesses a flexible and scalable solution for their asset management needs. 

This platform is particularly favored for its customization capabilities. It allows users to tailor the software to their specific operational requirements.

Key Features

- Asset Management: Track your physical assets' status, location, and history efficiently.

- Check-in/Check-out: Monitor assets as they are assigned or returned, providing clear accountability.

- Customizable Fields: Adapt asset data fields to fit the unique data requirements of your business.

- License Management: Manage software licenses, warranties, and associated contracts to stay compliant.

- Robust Reporting: Generate detailed reports that provide insights into asset utilization and performance.


  • Free and open-source
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multi-platform support
  • Secure user management


  • Challenging initial setup
  • Lacks mass check-in and network scans


GLPI (Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique) is an open-source asset and IT management software that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage and track IT assets. 

This solution is highly regarded for its extensive features that cater to both asset tracking and IT service management, making it ideal for organizations looking to streamline their IT operations.

Key Features

- Comprehensive IT Asset Management: Centralize all IT asset information, including hardware, software, and associated peripherals.

- IT Service Management: Includes a helpdesk feature for managing IT user support tickets and service requests.

- Configuration Management: Define and manage the configurations of IT assets to ensure consistency and reliability in IT services.

- Software License Management: Track software licenses, installations, and compliance to avoid legal issues related to software usage.

- Environmental Management: Monitor the impact of IT assets on the environment, including energy consumption and disposal management.


  • Extensive IT and asset management features
  • Highly customizable with plugins
  • Strong community support
  • Free and open-source
  • Supports ITIL standards


  • Clunky and outdated interface
  • High server disk space usage
  • Incomplete translations and documentation

5. Reftab

Reftab is a streamlined asset tracking software that offers a user-friendly and efficient approach to asset management, particularly appealing to small and medium-sized businesses. 

The cloud-based tool stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in managing various assets.

Key Features

- Asset Tracking: Easily track physical assets with tools designed for quick updates and real-time information.

- Maintenance Scheduling: Set up and track maintenance schedules to keep your assets in optimal condition.

- Loan Management: Manage loans of equipment to employees or departments with automated return reminders.

- Custom Reporting: Generate customizable reports to analyze asset utilization and performance.

- QR and Barcode Scanning: Utilize QR and barcodes for quick asset identification and management.


  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Robust mobile app
  • Excellent customer support
  • Effective integrations with other systems


  • Initial learning curve
  • Challenges with location data management
  • API can be unintuitive

6. Sortly

Sortly is a highly intuitive asset tracking software that simplifies the complexities of asset management with its visually-oriented and user-friendly interface. 

The software tool is especially popular among businesses that prioritize ease of use and visual data management, catering to various industries.

Key Features

- Visual Inventory Management: Use photos to track assets, making it easier to identify and manage items visually.

- Custom Tags and Categories: Organize assets with customizable tags and categories to streamline searches and reporting.

- Activity Logs: Maintain detailed records of asset changes and movements to ensure accountability and traceability.

- Multi-User Access: Allow multiple users to access the system with varied permissions, enhancing collaborative asset management.

- Mobile App: Manage assets on the go with a full-featured mobile app that syncs with the desktop version.


  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Mobile app available
  • Customizable for a variety of inventory needs
  • Effective barcode scanning and inventory tracking capabilities
  • Good customer support


  • Limited in terms of integrations with other tools
  • Initial setup can be time-consuming

7. AssetFrog

AssetFrog is an emerging player in the field of asset tracking, offering robust features with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. 

AssetFrog is designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a straightforward way to manage their assets without the complexity often associated with such systems.

Key Features

- Easy-to-Use Interface: Designed for simplicity, allowing users to adapt quickly without extensive training.

- Bulk Editing: Update multiple asset records simultaneously, saving time and reducing errors.

- Alerts and Notifications: Set up alerts for maintenance, warranty expirations, and other key asset events.

- Depreciation Calculation: Automatically calculate asset depreciation, aiding financial planning and reporting.

- Document Storage: Attach and manage asset-related documents directly within the platform.


  • Unlimited users
  • Contract and license management
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Powerful depreciation schedule


  • Limited documentation
  • Might not be ideal for advanced needs

Use BlueTally for Free and Comprehensive Asset Tracking

Selecting the right free asset tracking software is crucial for efficient asset management, especially for smaller businesses looking to maximize their resources. Thankfully, this article highlighted several great options, each offering unique benefits tailored to different needs.

To start managing your assets effectively, consider BlueTally. By creating a free account, you can immediately benefit from our user-friendly platform designed to streamline your asset tracking. 

Get started with BlueTally today and take a significant step towards optimized asset management.