What is an Asset Management System?

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What is an Asset Management System? In short, it's any process used by a company or organization to track their important equipment - but also their licenses, accessories, inventory and components. A lot of companies underestimate the importance of having their assets organized and counted for, and thus lose both money and time.

The importance of using an Asset Management System

Many companies and organizations are currently managing their equipment through manual processes (such as spreadsheets, physical notebooks) - most of which are mainly managed by a single employee. Keeping these records up-to-date by yourself is very challenging with all the other things happening during a normal workday, which means it often becomes the employees last priority. Here are some of the usual consequences of not using an asset management system:

  • Lost assets such as projectors or monitors that mysteriously went missing during an office move.
  • Forgotten assets such as phones or laptops given out to employees but are never returned as planned.
  • Damaged assets that are never sent off for maintenance or just get thrown out instead of being fixed and re-used.
  • Human errors
  • Time wasted looking for assets
  • Inaccurate information for accounting and compliance

Meet BlueTally

Due to the reasons above, companies and organisations needs an effective way to keep track of their most important equipment - and that's where we come in. BlueTally provides companies and organisations with a free, easy to use, cloud based and secure platform to manage their assets. Our team has invested hundreds of hours into research and development of the platform.

BlueTally - Simple and Free Asset Management Software

BlueTally lets you easily check in or check out assets on the go, keep track of maintenance and audits and get a complete changelog and checkout history to know the complete history of an asset. You can create unique ID tags for each asset and print them out directly from the app, so that you can easily scan it and see the full history of an asset.

You can determine the location, user and status of any asset in only a few seconds.

Fully Customizable

We've built BlueTally to be fully customizable, so you can add custom fields and status labels to assets, and generate your own reports. BlueTally lets you invite as many team members as you want to, and you can track an unlimited amount of assets. Try our demo app instantly yourself.

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