The Best IT Asset Management Software 2023

As a company that specializes in IT asset management software, we at BlueTally have to keep a firm finger on the pulse of what is happening in our space. 

Part of this is keeping tabs on the latest and best IT asset management solutions to ensure we are not only keeping pace with the competition but keeping our noses in front wherever and whenever possible. 

But, we thought, why keep this to ourselves? We’re confident enough in our own offering to let people know what else is out there at the moment and make their own decisions. 

So, with no further ado, we present you with the best IT Asset Management Software available in 2023. 

What is IT Asset Management Software?

Before we get to the list of top solutions, it’s probably prudent to quickly cover the basics for any readers that might be new to ITAM. 

IT asset management software is a tool designed to track and manage an organization's technology assets throughout their complete lifecycle. 

This type of software enables businesses to efficiently monitor, control, and optimize their IT resources, including their hardware, software, and digital licenses. 

ITAM software helps businesses with tasks such as inventory management, procurement, contract management, software license compliance, and maintenance scheduling. 

Essentially, it provides a centralized database to store asset information, enable easy access to that information, and then facilitate accurate reporting based on that stored information. 

Why IT Asset Management Software is Important?

IT Asset Management Software is important because it allows organizations to manage their entire inventory of IT assets more effectively. This includes everything from hardware and software to licenses and peripheral devices like mice and keyboards. 

ITAM software also provides a centralized system for capturing important information about each asset. This can include information about location, configuration, ownership, maintenance history, and a whole lot more. 

By gaining better visibility and control over their IT assets, organizations can make informed decisions to reduce costs, improve productivity, and develop an effective asset management plan for future technology needs.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing IT Asset Management Software

Key criteria for choosing IT asset management software include:

  • Scalability
  • Ease of use
  • Customization options
  • Integration capabilities
  • Reporting and analytics features
  • Mobile device support
  • Security and access controls
  • Asset tracking and inventory management capabilities
  • Software license management features
  • Vendor management capabilities
  • Automated asset discovery and inventory scanning
  • Compliance management capabilities
  • Asset lifecycle management features
  • Workflow automation and process management capabilities
  • Support and maintenance services

This is not a comprehensive list of desirable features, but a good ITAM tool must have most if not all of these features and capabilities.

Best IT Asset Management Software

Key takeaways

  • BlueTally - best Asset Management software for startups and SMBs
  • Scrut Automation - best Asset Management solution for security and compliance
  • Reftab - best Asset Management tracker for schools, colleges, and universities
  • UpKeep - best for solution for Asset Maintenance Management and Hardware Assets
  • AssetTiger - best Asset Tracker for retail companies
  • Oomnitza - best Digital Platform Conductor for large enterprises
  • - best PSA-RMM solution for MSPs (managed service providers)

#1 BlueTally


BlueTally is a comprehensive, free asset management tool designed to be totally customizable for all asset management requirements and preferences. 

With BlueTally, you can track and monitor every use and interaction of all your business assets in one place. 

Relevant Features

Asset Check-in/Check-out - With BlueTally, you can assign assets to a location or an employee by checking it out. Add details such as the condition of the asset upon checkout, as well as a photo of it and you can also add the expected check-in date and be notified when the item should be returned.

Asset Check-in/Check-out

Asset Audit & Maintenances - BlueTally lets you keep track of any upcoming asset audits and scheduled maintenance of your assets, as well as giving you the ability to program notifications for when audits or scheduled maintenance is overdue. 

Custom Advanced Permission Levels

Custom Advanced Permission Levels - With BlueTally, you can easily create your own customizable permission levels with advanced filtering and the ability to restrict virtually anything - such as editing or viewing certain fields, check-in/out, exporting data, access to reports and much more.

Custom Advanced Permission Levels


BlueTally is completely free to use for up to 50 assets.

They have three paid versions; Unlimited, Pro, and Business.

Unlimited package | $29/mo | Unlimited Assets & Unlimited Users + email support (billed annually).

Pro package | $69/mo | Everything in Unlimited + chat support + API & Integrations (billed annually).

Business package | $99/mo | Everything in Pro + single sign-on + custom permissions (billed annually).

Billed monthly, the costs are:

Unlimited - $34/mo | Pro - $81/mo | Business - $116/mo

Bluetally plans and pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent asset tracking capabilities
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Notifications for maintenance are helpful
  • Comprehensive asset registers, with asset location, pictures, condition, etc. readily available


  • Free plan is limited

#2 Scrut Automation

Scrut Automation

Scrut Automation is an all-in-one GRC (governance, risk & compliance) tool that enables businesses to automate and improve their auditing, compliance, and risk management capabilities. 

Relevant Features

CAASM - Cyber asset attack surface management is a new branch of the digital tree of life that unifies cyber security and asset management. Scrut’s CAASM helps you gain visibility of all your cyber assets and empowers IT Security to protect them from the latest threats.

Cyber asset attack surface management

Contextual Insights - With asset changelogs, you keep a record of any changes made to an asset. Whenever a user makes an edit (including creating an asset and deleting an asset), both the old and new values will be recorded with a time stamp. Changelog is kept per asset and per user. 

Contextual Insights

Streamline Complex Asset Landscapes - Scrut helps you consolidate and normalize asset information across distributed, multi-cloud environments and run queries to search for information from multiple cloud providers, applications, and services.

Streamline Complex Asset Landscapes


Scrut Automation has three different pricing “editions”, but the details are not made publicly available. For further pricing information, you will need to request a quote from them directly. 

Scrut Automation has three different pricing “editions”

Pros and Cons


  • Broad range of enterprise-level integrations
  • Top-level support
  • World-class compliance and security features. 


  • As a new company in the space not all functionality of major features is always reliable 
  • Limited customization for reports
  • Tools can take some time to get a handle on

#3 Reftab


Reftab is an asset tracking and management platform built for schools to track assets across staff and students. It can also be used by businesses to track assets either internally or with customers.

Relevant Features

Customizable Categories and Fields - Reftab’s drag-and-drop category designer can create IT assets, machinery, medical equipment, conference rooms, and literally anything you need to track can be monitored the way you want it. 

Customizable Categories and Fields

Asset Depreciation - With Reftab, you can track the depreciation of each asset and create reports to run depreciation based on specific dates.

Track asset depreciation with Reftab

Record All Asset Edits - With Reftab, you keep a record of any changes made to an asset. Whenever an edit or change is made both the old and new values are recorded with a time stamp. The changelog is kept per asset and per user.

Record All Asset Edits With Reftab


Reftab has three pricing tiers, Starter, Pro, and Business.

Starter | $31.25/mo | Unlimited users and up to 250 assets with basic tools and alerts

Pro | $62.50/mo | Everything in Starter + Access & Control features including changelogs

Business | $104.17/mo | Everything in Pro + additional integrations + Single Sign-on

For larger institutions or businesses with more than 3000 assets, bespoke quotes are available on request.

Reftab pricing plans

Pros and Cons


  • Good for customization and flexibility of use
  • Up and running in no time
  • Anyone can use it 


  • Limited bulk actions 
  • Lack of cohesion with UX between web and mobile
  • UI isn’t always reliable 

#4 UpKeep


UpKeep is an asset operations management software built as a mobile-first equipment and facilities maintenance solution. It’s a solution that helps maintenance and operations teams efficiently manage the day-to-day maintenance life cycle, optimize asset utilization, and gain insights into real-time performance data.

Relevant Features

Full Mobile Asset Downtime Tracking - Achieve the full useful life of your assets through mobile asset downtime tracking. 

Full Mobile Asset Downtime Tracking

CMMS, Maintenance Management, and Work Order Software - UpKeep works as a complete computerized maintenance and inventory management system.

CMMS, Maintenance Management, and Work Order Software

UpKeep DataHub - An integrated and centralized data ecosystem for collecting asset data, standardizing data into common data models, and automating data-driven asset operations.


UpKeep has three pricing levels, Starter, Professional, and Business.

Starter | $45/user/mo | Gives you Data Importing, Checklists, Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance, and Time and Cost Tracking.

Pro | $75/user/mo | Everything in Starter + Signature Capture

Business | Prices available on request | Everything in Pro + Workflow Automation

Upkeep plans and pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Strong monitoring of physical assets
  • Everything can be done on mobile
  • Good for scheduling 


  • Complex/steep learning curve 
  • Web interface can be glitchy compared to the mob app
  • Changes don’t always automatically update, requiring a refresh or a restart to take effect

#5 AssetTiger


AssetTiger is a cloud-based asset management tool built by with a strong focus on asset management for the world of retail and other industries with large numbers of physical assets. 

Relevant Features

Unlimited Users - And each user can have their own unique level of access ranging from limited viewing to full administrator.

Unlimited Users

Barcode Scanning - Instantly update an asset in the field by scanning its barcode and entering the necessary information.

Barcode Scanning

Unlimited Custom Reports - View your assets with predefined reports that include statements about your assets, incorporating factors such as their status, depreciation, maintenance, check-out times, and more.

Unlimited Custom Reports


Asset Tiger is completely free for companies needing to track any number of assets below 250.

For companies who need to track more than 250 assets, they can choose a paid subscription to track anywhere between 500-250,000 assets, with the costs rising incrementally, as detailed in the table below.

Asset Tiger pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Barcode scanning on mob app
  • Free to use for up to 250 assets
  • Great customer care 


  • Not good for intangible assets 
  • Limited educational materials for complex processes
  • Navigation feels old and clunky

#6 Oomnitza


Oomnitza is an Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solution that empowers enterprise IT organizations to scale by orchestrating and automating key business processes across siloed technologies.

Relevant Features

Offboarding Automation - Avoid compliance, security, and financial risks by automatically reclaiming hardware and software licenses in a timely and efficient manner.

Offboarding Automation

ETM Database - Identify and catalog the entire enterprise technology portfolio without installing new agents, leveraging integrations with existing technology management tools and platforms, such as JamF, Crowdstrike, Intune, Okta, Workday, and many more.

ETM Database

Software Tracking - Oomnitza’s software tracking allows you to gain immediate visibility into assets as they enter your technology ecosystem, maintaining inventory levels consistent with enterprise needs.

Software Tracking


Oomnitza’s pricing is offered on a quotation-based model and is only available on request.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong automation through a broad set of integrations
  • Powerful search function across all assets
  • Complex tasks are made easy 


  • UI is not as intuitive as it could be 
  • Pricing can be confusing and expensive
  • Complex features can make it difficult to learn for some

#7 is a PSA (Professional Services Automation) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that helps them to improve efficiency, save time, offer better customer support, onboard more clients, and improve profitability.

Relevant Features

Centralized tracking and monitoring - allows MSPs to access comprehensive, up-to-date records of the assets in their clients’ environments, giving them a comprehensive view of all hardware and software.

Centralized tracking and monitoring

Inventory Management - With IM, you can monitor and get real-time, custom alerts and respond to changes in users' CPUs, network equipment, memory usage, and installed applications, plus much more.

Inventory Management

Smart Workflows - Smart Workflows let you configure custom fields to track asset details, history, files, documents, and associated tickets that are most important to you and your clients with all the context you need.

Smart Workflows


Customers can choose from 3 different pricing plans.

Standard (PSA/RMM) | $69/tech/mo 

Pro (Unified Basic) | $119/tech/mo

Super (Unified Advanced) | $149/tech/mo

Full features list for each price plan. pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Provides Huge efficiency savings
  • Easy to use through great UI
  • Comprehensive range of MSP-specific features 


  • Only suitable for MSPs 
  • Missing basic features like bulk editing
  • Mobile app needs further development


As you can see, IT asset management software really has come on leaps and bounds in terms of features and automation. Nowadays, there is a tool to meet the requirements of any and every business. 

If you are looking for IT asset management software, then we humbly submit that BlueTally should be near the front of the cue. 

It’s customizable, scalable, and totally free to get started. Try BlueTally today and unlock the potential of your business’s asset management capabilities.