How to setup SSO with Azure Active Directory

BlueTally lets you save time and headaches with our Single Sign-on integration with Azure Active Directory, that lets your team members log in and use the app without the need to manually create accounts and new passwords.
Log in to your Azure account
Click on "Azure Active Directory"
Click on "Enterprise applications" in the left menu bar
Click on "New application"
Click on "Create your own application"
Enter a name for the application (such as 'BlueTally SAML SSO'), select the "Integrate any other..." option and click "Create"
Scroll down and click on "Single sign-on" in the left menu bar
Click on "SAML"
Click on "Edit"
Click on Add Identifier and enter "", and click on Add reply URL and add "" (replace CUSTOMLINK with the custom link you want to use to log into the app with), then click on Save
If your custom link contains a "-", please replace it with a "_" in the last CUSTOMLINK in the Reply URL field, for example: ""
Scroll down on the page and click on Edit
Click on this
Click on the "Source attribute" field, change the value to "user.mail" and click on Save
Click on this
Change the "Name" value to "first_name", remove the text from the "Namespace" field and click on Save
Click on this
Change the "Name" value to "last_name", remove the text from the "Namespace" field and click on Save
Scroll down and download the "Certificate (Base64)" and copy the "Login URL".
Go to your BlueTally account settings and enter the "CUSTOMLINK" you decided on earlier, paste in the "Login URL", upload the "Certificate (Base64)" and decide on which role you'd like new users to have by default.

That's it! Once you upload these details into your account settings, we'll complete the setup on our end - this usually takes a few hours. You'll receive an email when everything is ready.

Once SSO has been setup on your account, giving new users access to BlueTally will be done in the Azure AD application you just created. The same goes for removing user access. New users will only appear in the Account User list in BlueTally after they've signed in for the first time.

If you have any questions regarding this integration, send us an email to and we'll assist you with your setup!

You can also receive notifications directly to Microsoft Teams and Slack, integrate BlueTally with Intune or Active Directory, or into your existing workflows by using our powerful API.