Can Asset Tracking Software Track Everything?

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Yes, you can track everything with asset tracking software! The question should really be how much you'd like to track - as you could even track how many ounces of pencil ink you use per week.

That is, unless that is what you want to track! But yes, BlueTally's asset tracking software will enable you to keep track of anything and everything you want to.

It is always best to define your goals before deciding what you need to track. Maybe you're looking for asset tracking software so you can keep close tabs on your fixed assets for better audits.

Or maybe you're looking for an IT asset management system so you can keep track of your IT devices in the office. Regardless of your objective, BlueTally will help you to track assets in a great way.

Keeping Track of Fixed Assets

Generally, fixed assets are things of value that you or your company own and intend to use for more than a year. This definition helps clear up some confusion as to what should and shouldn't be tracked in a fixed asset register.

However, there is also value in keeping track of items that aren't fixed assets - consumables such as printer ink or accessories like keyboards. That way, you can ensure you don't run out of these items. BlueTally is one of the few asset management softwares on the market that lets you track these types of items as well.

However, a fixed asset register's purpose is to provide better accuracy when auditing your business' assets and to maintain them well. Making sure you track whatever fulfils that goal is important.

Keeping Track of IT Assets

IT assets include every device that is a computer or can be connected in any way to a computer, including laptops, desktops, servers, screens, mice, keyboards, smartphones, tablets, scanners, printers, projectors, and even wireless routers.

BlueTally lets you track all your IT assets with ease, and even lets you track asset components by adding them to the system and checking them out to assets.

Keeping Track of Equipment and Tools

Choosing what to track in this case would be pretty straightforward. You should track all of the tools and equipment you use during the course of your workday.

If you want to be organized, you can track every spanner, screwdriver, and any other tool if that is what you prefer. Otherwise, you can track toolkits rather than individual tools if that is what you prefer.

Pick the right tool for the job

We've built BlueTally to help all kinds of companies and organizations manage their most important assets - both physical and digital. Learn more about BlueTally and get started with our free and simple asset management software.

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