Most Popular Use Cases for Asset Tracking

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The most successful companies around the world harness the power of asset tracking to maximize their productivity and profits. Asset tracking is an essential part of effective organisational management.

As asset management software grows in popularity, it isn't surprising. When you're unsure whether you need an asset tracking solution, finding out the most common uses might be helpful. So you'll be able to learn about the many ways that BlueTally is used across a variety of industries.

Once you've imported and populated the system with information about all your assets, you can get started with importing the employees that you would like to be able to checkout assets to. Some systems like BlueTally offers an Active Directory Integration that automatically syncs employees for you, to save you time and effort.

IT Asset Management

IT assets are the most commonly tracked asset type in the world within asset management, which is a broad umbrella that involves tracking every asset that an organisation intends to use or own over the coming year.

The vast majority of economy segments, aside from a few sectors, make intensive use of IT assets, such as computer, laptop, and smartphone hardware, as well as USB drives, scanners, and photocopiers.

BlueTally works perfectly with IT Asset Management as it supports tracking product types, components, accessories, consumables and more.

Fixed Asset Management

An asset tracking system can be used to maintain a fixed asset register in order to log, track, and manage permanent assets. Keeping a detailed record of your fixed assets would be a good idea for every business. It gives you a clear picture of the assets you have and their value.

In addition, a fixed asset register offers a variety of other benefits, such as allowing an organisation to record and maintain accurate financial and non-financial data about each asset. This allows an organization to quickly evaluate its assets.

Software License Management

Unlike the past, companies do not own only brick and mortar assets today. BlueTally works great with tracking your software licenses, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and anything else.

You can add each individual unique product key into the app, and assign them to specific employees, locations or devices. That way, you have a simple and easy overview of how many license seats you have left at any given time.

BlueTally Asset Management Software

BlueTally is a free and simple asset management software, that helps you get in control and spend less time managing your assets. Get an overview of where your assets are, and how many assets are at a location.

Find which employee that has the asset you're looking for, and who had it beforehand. And easily see how many assets are ready for checkout, out for repair or currently in use.

Learn more about BlueTally and get started for free today!

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