The Top Remote Asset Management Software Tools (2023)

ITAM (information technology asset management) has long been an important part of any business's operations, and the ability to track and account for IT assets is only becoming more important. 

IT Assets account for 30% of all IT spending on average, and not only is remote asset management fundamental to minimizing unnecessary expenditure, but it can also be vital in preventing security issues like data breaches, a single instance of which typically costs US businesses $8.64M

At BlueTally, we are confident that our asset management software can go toe-to-toe with anything else currently available in the market. So, in this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best tools around and see how they stack up against each other. 

If you’re interested in finding the best RAM software for your business, please enjoy the remainder of this article. 

What are Remote Asset Management Tools?

Remote asset management software tools are solutions built for asset managers and other IT stakeholders who need to track and monitor assets across multiple locations. 

RAM software provides real-time visibility into the location, status, and performance of corporate IT assets, enabling asset managers to analyze data and identify potential issues. 

By automating routine tasks such as maintenance and inventory management, remote asset management tools can save time and resources while helping businesses make informed decisions to optimize asset usage and maximize return on investment.

What are Remote Asset Management Tools?

BlueTally is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, customizable asset management software solution that gives IT departments full visibility and control of their assets. 

Try BlueTally for free today and discover how much time it can save you by allowing you to ditch outdated asset management practices, like running asset registers through spreadsheets!

Why is Remote Asset Management Important?

Remote asset management is an increasingly vital aspect of business operations because it allows for 

  • Better work prioritization
  • Improved Data Privacy 
  • Increased business flexibility
  • Greater scalability

Criteria to Consider When Selecting a Remote Asset Management Software

  • Scalability: Does the solution allow for your planned business growth in the near and long term?
  • Integration: Will the solution integrate with your existing tech stack?
  • User Interface: Does it come with an easy-to-use UI meaning anyone can use it without significant training?
  • Customization: Does it allow for customizations that meet your specific requirements?
  • Security: Does it keep you in compliance with data storage regulations and increase your ability to prevent data loss or theft?
  • Customer Support: Is the support sufficient and responsive enough to handle matters quickly and effectively when things go wrong?
  • Data Accuracy: Will the solution improve your data accuracy?
  • Tracking Capabilities: Will the software allow you to track all of your assets?
  • Mobile Access: Can the solution be used on remote devices to enable improved response times?

If you find a solution with which you can answer “yes” to each of these questions, then you’re in business!

Best Remote Asset Management Software

Key takeaways

  • BlueTally - Best for businesses of any size looking for easy-to-use, comprehensive asset management
  • JumpCloud -  Best for identity access management
  • Alloy Navigator - Best for IT services management
  • Pulseway - Best for businesses operating with Mobile First

#1 BlueTally

BlueTally is a cloud-based IT asset management software that lets companies get control of their business-critical IT assets (laptops, phones, etc.) with one of the most user-friendly, easy-to-use ITAM tools on the market.

By adopting BlueTally, you can track your assets, handle all maintenance and auditing activities, and decrease the time spent on your ITAM.

Relevant Features

Asset Barcodes - With BlueTally, every asset is assigned a unique barcode based on your Asset ID allows you to easily scan all your assets and access their entire history and current status information. We also support RFID asset tracking to streamline your asset management processes.

Asset Barcodes

Asset Audit and Maintenances - BlueTally allows you to manage all your asset auditing and maintenance activities - you can track upcoming asset audits and schedule both audits and maintenance all in one place in a few simple steps. 

Asset Audit and Maintenances

Checkout History & Detailed Changelog - BlueTally provides you with a complete changelog allowing you to track an asset’s performance and condition throughout its lifecycle and giving you a complete insight into which user carried out any changes made to the asset.

Checkout History & Detailed Changelog


BlueTally has a free version that allows for the tracking of up to 50 assets and unlimited users.

The paid versions start with their Unlimited package, with which you can track unlimited assets with unlimited users for $34/mo.

Their Pro package gives you everything you get in the Unlimited package with additional support and integrations, for which you will pay $81/mo.

The Business Plan takes the Pro offering and adds single sign-on and custom permissions for $116/mo.

If you sign up for an annual license, these prices are reduced to 

Unlimited - $29/mo | Pro - $69/mo | Business - $99/mo

bluetally pricing

#2 JumpCloud


Jumpcloud offers businesses a zero-trust, open directory service to unify control of their entire tech stack. 

This cloud-based service comes with broad device management capabilities enabling you to centrally and securely manage every device, from any location, under a common set of policies and standards.

Relevant Features

OS Agnostic Control - JumpCloud Device Management lets you monitor and manage all of your Windows, Mac, and Linux devices in a unified manner. Each device is monitored with similar insight and support capabilities independent of OS or device type, making device management easier than ever.

OS Agnostic Control

End-to-end Visibility - System Insights provides near real-time reporting of every managed device whilst Directory Insights monitors and reports every event across your organization so you can see everything that happens in your IT environment.

End-to-end Visibility

Enhanced Remote Asset Security - You can use JumpCloud to meet compliance requirements and secure your devices with easy-to-use security policies and configurations that can be enforced at any time, anywhere, across your entire mix of devices.


JumpCloud’s full platform is available for free for up to 10 users and 10 devices.

For larger requirements, they offer an a la carte pricing structure at $2/user/mo.

jumpcloud pricing

#3 Alloy Navigator

Alloy Navigator

Alloy Software is an IT service and Asset Management solution that has won numerous awards from the likes of Gartner and is designed to improve systems & device management and workflow automation.

Relevant Features

Asset Discovery - Alloy Discovery is an easy-to-use network inventory software solution that provides detailed accounts of every asset in your IT environment. You have complete agentless network discovery of your corporate network and can have a full IT inventory in a matter of minutes.

Asset Discovery

Asset Lifecycle Optimization - Alloy allows you to track your hardware and software assets from procurement to disposal with a complete history of related incidents, maintenance history, and warranty contracts, so you can optimize ordering schedules and quantities of your consumables with automatic notifications for reordering.

Asset Loan Management - Alloy gives complete control of the asset checkout process and lets you save time by enabling your users to reserve equipment via a Self-Service Portal.

Asset Loan Management


Alloy Software has no free version, but you can sign up for a free demo. 

Their cheapest licensing tier is the Explorer package, with which you can assign up to 3 technicians for $19/tech/mo.

Express is the mid-range license that gives you 4+ technicians and all features for $49/tech/mo.

Enterprise gives you the full ITSM and ITAM suite with all features and support services for $83/tech/mo.

alloy navigator pricing

#4 Pulseway


Pulseway is a Remote \ Monitoring & Management (RMM) software built to help managed service providers and IT teams reduce downtime and set new standards for efficiency through automation.

Relevant Features

Discovery and Deployment - Pulseway’s discovery and deployment engine allows you to see all IT endpoints quickly and then easily mass deploy Pulseway with pre-configured policies built-in for complete device management without requiring lengthy onboarding.

Discovery and Deployment

Monitoring and Management - Pulseway gives you real-time actionable information on servers, workstations, and network devices. Combined with customizable alerts, you can quickly identify problems, communicate with users, and resolve issues with built-in commands and scripts. 

Monitoring and Management

Automation & Auto-Remediation - By combining workflow technology with intuitive UI, you can set up smart triggers to auto-remediate IT issues on your behalf. Pulseway has a wide library of built-in scripts, templates, and function-specific automation, letting you improve efficiency from the moment you start using it.

Automation & Auto-Remediation


Pulseway offers a tiered pricing structure based on the number of endpoints/devices, starting at $22/mo with additional options for paid security add-ons. 

pulseway pricing

Get Control Of Your Assets.

BlueTally gives you the power to manage traditional devices and other assets that are typically more difficult to track, including components, licenses, accessories, and consumables. 

It’s incredibly intuitive and gives asset managers all the functionality they might need including asset depreciation bespoke kits for checkouts and changelogs, all in a single dashboard that anyone can use. 

Try a free demo today and find out for yourself exactly how much better your asset management can become with BlueTally.


Remote asset management is becoming increasingly important as the world of business continues to transition to digital and cloud-based technologies. 

Consequently, it is more important than ever that businesses looking to thrive incorporate remote asset management solutions into their IT capabilities. 

As one of the newest tools available, BlueTally boasts a broad range of key features and functionality that will help your business to optimize its asset management practices and benefit from significant savings of both time and money. 

Sign up today and let BlueTally revolutionize your ITAM today!